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Here you see a small selection of our fantastic products. Remember that all beds are available in 22 different colours, which you can mix and match.


Welcome to Manis-h's webshop.

We are a family-owned company with many years of experience, which we have done our best to implement in our products. We hope that you can both see and feel this when you buy one of our products.

We produce and sells a flexible furniture system for children. Our system is based on the idea of buying furnitures where there are Room to Grow. Cause we know that is sometimes feels like you child does nothing else besides growing.

With us, you can find everything for your child's room in a timeless design. We have also ensured that there is something for every taste with our 22 colours. How you decide to mix and match the colours is entirely your decision. Colors create joy and creativity, and the kids loves it!

Manis-h offers bed combinations that not only are practical solutions in the children's room, but also invite to play and fun in the room. We do our best to ensure that the bed accessories are easy to put on, so that it can be done by everyone. Our beds are built in modules and are therefore easy to assemble, but also to rebuild. The same applies to the rest of our products. Our focus is to make interior design easy, flexible and practical. Several of our products can be used for different purposes - and also by people other than children.

Explore the shop and be inspired by how you can decorate your child's room with products that give you countless possibilities. If you need help, we are always ready to help and guide you, so that we find a solution that suits you and your family.


Our concept is based on producing baby- and children's furniture that can be reused throughout the many stages that your kids goes through as they grow up. Therefore, all our beds and storage furniture have in common that they have more options than just one. A basic children's bed can be converted into a half-high bed, with either lower drawers or a pull-out bed. Likewise, our junior beds can also always be built longer by using our "To-Grow" kit.

Manis-h's concept is based on the idea of ​​being able to reuse the furniture you have bought for the baby's room and in to the children's room when the time comes. We are in favor of the smart purchase - the purchase that can be adapted to your needs, a situation we know can change throughout the childhood. We produce our furniture in MDF and beech wood, which are materials that ensure a long life for our products.

If our standard measurements don't fit your child's room, we're happy to help too! We offer to make special measurements exactly according to your wishes. Likewise, all our products can be delivered in 22 different colours. Our standard color is white and snow white. But if you want a pink, green or purple bed, we can do that too. You can also mix the colors as you like, for example, green drawers on a yellow bed. The possibilities are endless, and if you want, you can try to design your own bed here.

All our products follow the European requirements and standards that ensure children's safety. At Manis-h there is always a focus on safety and quality.


Your child's first bed is something very special, and only the best is good enough!

Our baby beds are made of solid materials, and are developed in a timeless and stylish design. Most of our beds are flexible, so they can be used throughout childhood, and even the beds that do not have this function have many other options. See, among other things, our crib and our 3-in-1 chair.

Just as our beds have multiple functions, so does our storage system. We do everything based on the idea "Room-to-grow". We offer both a changing table package solution or that you can purchase an additional changing table if necessary. Our changing tables can be removed from the top of the chest drawers, so you have a nice chest drawer for the children's room when it no longer has to function as a changing table. You can of course design the storage system yourself, so that the furniture gets exactly the color you want.

At Manis-h, we know what stages a child goes through when growing up. We know which things are important to new parents when shopping for and decorating their baby's room. This is also why our changing pad is made of a soft and lovely material - but with the possibility of washing it, so that it is always nice and clean. We also know that your needs change quickly. The little wonders quickly grow big. With furniture from Manis-h, you don't have to constantly decide on major changes and purchases, because we've made it easy for you from the start. You can quickly adapt the products to suit your changing needs. Which we see as the most important element in life with children.