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Manis-h is a danish company that produce and sells a flexible furniture system for children. Our system is based on the idea of buying furnitures where there are Room to Grow. Cause we know that is sometimes feels like you child does nothing else besides growing.

Our selection ranges from baby to teenager. With our system you'll need nothing else but a few extra purchases to build your bed either bigger or to a different kind.
Take a look on our shop to all of our products. If you need inspiration, you can see our catalogue here.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Manis-h or our products. And remeber tahtwe make most of our products in specialized measures and in 21 different colors.

Nanna Bed Combination

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manis-h bunk bed

Bunk Bed Frigg

A simple and classic bunk bed for children 

The perfect solution for those who share a room, or if you need a bunk bed for your sommerhouse. Bed combiation FRIGG gives you the possibilty to add either underbed drawers or a pull-out bed. 

FRIGG comes with two beds, you can seperate once you're finish, using the bed as a bunk bed for your children. Then you can either rebuild the beds to different combinations, or use them as they are. 

If you need a fall-protection in the front of the lower bed, you can use our moveable safety rail for that purpose. 

From: €742.00

To: €1,546.00

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bed combination arn

Mid-Height Bed with Storage

Mid-Height bed combination with room for a lot of storage. 

The perfect bed combination for smaller rooms, where there is a need of practical solutions. The bed combination comes with two dressers, which later can be used seperatly in the room, when the child no longer wants a mid-heigt bed. 

Choose below the color of the bed and the drawers of the dresser. Design it like you would like it, and get your own unique bed from Manis-h - specialized for you. Add our luxury mattress to ensure a good night sleep. The mattress can be used for both children and parents. 


From: €1,234.00

To: €3,128.00

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Manis-h Baby bed has round curves and soft lines, which secures a good and safe start into life.
Our Baby Bed has a bed base that is adjustable in 3 different heights, which gives you the possibility to change the bed after your baby's need.
From newborn, to 4 months old and to a junior bed.

The bed comes in 2 sizes:
60x120 cm
70x140 cm  

Everything is manufactured after European requirements and standards. The surfaces are made with water-based paint, so there is no danger of toxic chemicals for your baby.

We offer two types of white - white and snow white. If you want other colors, we offer up to 21 different colors for extra charge of 25%. Our standard white color has a crisp white tone, compared to snow white, which is pure and clear in expression.

You might wanna take a look on our safety rail for the baby bed. It's used when the baby bed is converted to a junior bed.

From: €319.00

To: €670.00

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