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 Welcome to the Manis-h webshop, where you can find inspiration and buy furniture for the children's room.

 We offer flexible bed systems for girls and boys of all ages. The beds are modular and can be rebuilt as the child grows and adapt to the current needs.

 The range includes cribs, baby beds, junior beds, beds, half-height beds, floor beds and high beds. In addition, we have a large range of smart accessories such as desks, shelves, cabinets, drawers, cushions, mattresses, bedspreads, bedpockets and much more.

 Discover the shopping and find high quality children's furniture, designed and manufactured at your own factory in Denmark.

 Please contact us if there are any questions about the products or if you have special requests.

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Bed with rollercoaster -  LOKE

Bed with rollercoaster - LOKE

Bed with head and foot end, slat grate, rear anti-fall device, 1/2-fall protection, chute, ladder and 51cm post. Junior - Item number 10060 + 10999 + 10360 + 10560 + 10100 Mattress dimensions 90 * 160cm Outside dimensions: 121 * 170 * 227 cm (H * L * B) Standard article number 10000 + 10999 + 10300 + 10500 + 10100 Mattress dimensions 90 * 200cm Outside dimensions: 121 * 210 * 227 cm (H * L * B)

From: €639.00

To: €908.00

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