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Manis-h Baby bed has round curves and soft lines, which secures a good and safe start into life.
Our Baby Bed has a bed base that is adjustable in 3 different heights, which gives you the possibility to change the bed after your baby's need.
From newborn, to 4 months old and to a junior bed.

The bed comes in 2 sizes:
60x120 cm
70x140 cm  

Everything is manufactured after European requirements and standards. The surfaces are made with water-based paint, so there is no danger of toxic chemicals for your baby.

We offer two types of white - white and snow white. If you want other colors, we offer up to 21 different colors for extra charge of 25%. Our standard white color has a crisp white tone, compared to snow white, which is pure and clear in expression.

You might wanna take a look on our safety rail for the baby bed. It's used when the baby bed is converted to a junior bed.


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Anta grey

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Azur mint

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    Manis-h Baby Bed available in 2 sizes:

    Item - 10985 (60*120 cm)

    • Mattress dimensions: 60*120 cm

    • Exterior dimensions: 64*124*93 cm

    • Material: MDF and beech

    • Weight: 55 kg

    Brand: Manis-h

    Item - 10987 (70*140 cm)

    • Mattress dimensions: 70*140 cm

    • Exterior dimensions: 74*144*93 cm

    • Material: MDF and beech

    • Weight: 59 kg

    Brand: Manis-h