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Bed system


Manis-h concept

From 3 years to 14 years with the same starting point. With Manis-h, this is now possible.

We have developed a simple building system which quickly and easily can be expanded and upgraded.

A couch is the starting point, and this can be remodeled and extended indefinitely. Bed guard and headboards can be chosen with different designs or with special and unique prints, which gives room individuality. Bed covers, play / curtains, large pillows, small pillows, bed pockets, mattresses in attractive colors and designs that can be matched as desired, needs and age, or simply as fashion changes.

A simple way to renew room without bases must be changed - the same basic module with new accessories, or the same room with a new design.

Manis-h to go

For the furniture dealer, we have made it simple - with 5 packages you can built 6 different beds. This means with a very small stock, basic goods are delivered to the customer immediately.

Ie no delivery time when the decision is taken to the nursery to be changed - we know that children of that age do not have the patience and the wait can be excruciating ...

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