Made in Denmark

Manis-h A/S is a Danish owned company that combines years of experience with drive and initiative. Since 1972 we have owned and run a leading, international company which produces and sells a well-known brand of children's furniture. We have children, so we are well aware of the changing needs of children as they grow. We know that little princesses turn into big girls, and that every little knight eventually becomes a school boy who needs a desk and a cool-looking room. When kids play, improbable situations occasionally arise. Our long experience means we can make sure our products are really safe, not only to safeguard kids during impulsive games, but also to ensure they comply with all applicable legislation.

Corporate responsibility
As a company and a consumer, we have a great deal of responsibility for our environment. At Manis-h, we are very mindful of the legal requirements that pertain to the safety and materials of the finished product, as well as those pertaining to the environment so that we can protect the world around us to the best of our ability.

When it comes to the employment of staff and the use of subcontractors, we focus on respect for the individual, in terms of culture, discrimination and the freedom to join a trade union. Needless to say, we believe child labour and slave labour are unacceptable. 

Our chief aim is to sell, purchase and manufacture furniture for children and young people aged 0 to 14.
The furniture is a modular system that may be expanded and adapted in a variety of ways to suit the needs of the growing child. The modular system is supplemented by accessories which are naturally designed to match the system.