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Corner Shelf with 2 shelves

If you need storage in the room, this Corner Shelf is perfect.

The shelf can be combined with our Square Bookcase. The combination is used to fill the cavity under the bed. This solution can also be combined with our chests of drawers that can be inserted under our half-high beds. In this way, lots of room for storage is achieved, without taking up floor space in the rest of the room.

Choose between 22 colors.

As low as €89.00

Manis-h corner shelf with 2 shelves, must be used with bookcase, 10815.

Inserted into the headboard of the bed to fill the empty space. Easy and quick way to obtain more space for storage in the children's room. If necessary, use the shelves to decorate with the children's favorite books for bedtime reading. Or maybe it's their collection of action figures that can be neatly arranged so that you can look at them all day long.

70x70x15 cm

Shelf 10815

70x70x32 cm