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How do I choose the right mattress?
The choice of mattress is individual. It is important that you as parents cannot test the comfort of your child's mattress. As an adult, you have a different weight on the mattress and you are higher, which means you never get the same feeling as the child. Young children have a relatively low weight and therefore need a relatively soft mattress to ensure optimal comfort, alternatively a mattress that is made of material that supports where the need is. Always check the recommended weight classes on the mattress - age division is not a fair factor, as age and weight are different for the individual children.
What height must my mattress have?
If you have a low bed or a bed with a pull-out bed, there are no restrictions on the height of your mattress. If you have safety rails on the front of the bed, we recommend that the mattress is not higher than 22cm. If it is higher, you will not get optimal protection from the safety rail. On all our beds with ladders, ie. mid height beds, bunk beds and high sleepers are the maximum mattress height indicated by a mark on the ladder. This means that the height of the mattress should not exceed 22cm. If you choose an original Manis-h mattress, you are sure that the mattress complies with this and thus also the European safety standards for children's furniture. On the cot, the maximum mattress height is indicated by a mark in the headboard - here it is especially important that you pay attention when you have the bottom in the upper level. Remember to adjust the bottom when your child starts to sit up. The maximum mattress height of the baby mattress is 12cm.
Are there zones in the mattresses?
Our mattresses are not zoned, as we do not know where on the mattress the child is lying. We have two different mattresses - one with ergonomic zones, which ensures a good distribution of body weight. One with a temperature regulating foam, which ensures support exactly where the mattress is loaded - and thus no zones.
Can the mattress cover be washed?
All mattress covers can be washed at 60º. Drying in tumble dryers is not recommended. After washing, cover the mattress and shake it in place so that the foam lies correctly in the cover.
Can the fabric accessories be washed?
There is a washing label in all textiles. Curtains and cushion covers can be machine washed at 40º and no dryer. Bed pockets are recommended to be cleaned, as the backing does not withstand washing. All mattress covers can be washed at 60º. Drying in tumble dryers is not recommended. After washing
Can I sleep in a Manis-h or a Huxie bed as an adult?
All our beds are tested in accordance with the safety legislation EN747 for high and bunk beds. Part of this test is testing the bed base and durability. The slat base is tested on an area with a diameter of Ø30cm. Here it is loaded repeatedly with a static weight of 100kg over time. This is done without a mattress, ie. with pressure directly on the slat base. When the bed is used, it is with a mattress, at the same time as the weight pressure is distributed over the entire bed and not only on a small area. The beds can therefore be used for a minimum of 100kg - regardless of bed height.
How do I assemble my bed?
All boxes include an assembling instruction / guide that shows you step-by-step how to assemble your new furniture. Should this be missing, or has it disappeared, you can always download them directly from our website at the link; Installation instructions No special tools are needed to assemble our furniture.
When can my child sleep in a high sleeper?
All our beds with a sleeping height over 80cm have been tested in accordance with current safety standards. Here it is recommended that a child should be 6 years old to sleep in a high bed. Since all beds are modular, you can always start with the low bed and gradually build the taller one. It is important that you, as a parent, feel safe when your child is in bed.
Can I decide for myself to place the ladder left or right
The ladder can, at your choice, be placed on the right or left side of the bed - and always moved if the room needs to be changed. The ladder can, for safety reasons, not be placed in the gable.
Are there harmful chemicals in my new furniture?
We use water-based paints without harmful chemicals. This provides security for you, your child and the environment. The paint has been tested and approved in accordance with current legislation for furniture for both babies and children - your safety for a good environment. All textiles and mattresses are approved in accordance with the Ökotex100 standard, which is your guarantee that the products do not contain harmful chemicals.
How do I clean our children's furniture?
We recommend that you wipe your furniture with a hard-wrung cloth, if necessary, with dish soap. NEVER use chemicals on your furniture - the water-based surface cannot stand this.
How do I maintain my furniture?
Your new children's furniture does not require much maintenance, but always remember to retighten screws regularly. This ensures a stable and secure piece of furniture for many years.
Where is my Manis-h children's furniture produced?
All furniture is checked and packed at our factory in Denmark. Some components are produced at the factory in Denmark, others are purchased from selected suppliers in Denmark and the rest of Europe - depending on where the best expertise and raw material is located. No matter where the component is produced, it is always checked by our professionally trained cabinetmakers in Denmark before it is approved for packaging.
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