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Huxie drawer set

2 underbed drawers that fits under Huxie beds produced by Manis-h.

A good and simpel drawer without grip.
Can be used under Huxie junior 160cm beds and 200cm beds just choose the size you need.

Choose between 4 colors White, Light green, Dusty rose, Sunny yellow, Azur blue.

Huxie is made by Manis-h though our bed accessorie series from Manis-h cannot be combined with Huxie.
The only products from Manis-h you can use together with Huxie is our mattresses, textiles and Manis-h drawer.

As low as €150.00

2 drawers that fits under Huxie beds produced Manis-h.

50700-1     90x200cm bed (H: 21cm, B: 75cm, L: 93cm)
50760-1     60x170cm bed (H: 21cm, B: 75cm, L: 73cm)

Huxie is a small and closed bed system made Manis-h.

Our mission with Huxie is to have a high quality bed to low price. All beds are tested and approved by the Danish Technological Institute and lives up to all requirements made for materials, safety and all demands for space between the holes and sides in the bed.

All of our beds are tested and approved to 100 kg static pressure on a diameter of 30 cm, which means you can stand on one leg directly on the slat base. Therefor the beds can hold up to much more weight and also for kids and parent to be in same bed, because you spread the weight out on a larger area when laying down.