Kids room inspiration ⎮ BY MANIS-H

Kids room inspiration ⎮ BY MANIS-H

Inspiration to decorate the kids room 

Find tips and inspiration to fun and practical solutions in the children’s room.

Kids are in constant growth, they often changes their mind and have shifting needs. A modern kids room shall therefor be suitable for the individual, which our products gives you the opportunity for.

Whether it needs to be a simple designed kids bed, a mid-height, high- or a bunk bed – it’s completely up to you and your kids. With our unique modular building system, there are always lots of possibilities for rebuilding the bed so it fits to the children’s needs. It is only your imagination that sets the limit.

We also offer a storage solution consisting of a shelving unit, bookshelfs and dressers. They can all be combined in different ways with our beds. Mix and match our storage products, so they fit to your need.

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The Playful Child 

Kids have energy, and that we love them for. With Manis-h you get the opportunity to create a playroom. Our beds can be made to fun bed combinations with slides, climbing walls, ball board or a chalkboard. And many of the features can also be combined. Manis-h’s goal is that the bed needs to be practical for the parents and fun for the children.

With a fun and practical mid-height bed with a slide the child gets their own playground in their room. Make it fun for the child to get out of bed every morning when they can slide out of bed every morning. Start the morning with a rush!

The room underneath the bed, can be used as a cosy cave or if it needs to be more practical – as a space for extra storage with our dresser.

We know a bed with a slide won’t be what you child need through their whole upbringing, that’s why we have made our rebuilding-kits, so you can change the bed to a more simple solution or whatever you child would be needing.

If you have any questions or specific needs to you next children’s bed – you are always welcome to contact us here.

Manis-h – Experienced since 1972

Design a unique room for your child

Manis-h offers 21 different colors, which you can choose to all of our products. You always have the possibility to create your own unique design with Manis-h. Colors invites the children to creativity and happiness.

There are many options with Manis-h. You can choose the bed in one color, or you can mix & match the colors on the bed. A simple way to design the bed in a different way is to choose the safety rail and drawers in a different color than the rest of the bed.

Another way you can add color to the bed is to add our textile series, consisting of play curtains, bed pockets and pillow sets. The play curtain invites to games and fun. Our curtains are interactive, so the kids can dress up a doll, race with cars or play with numbers. There are a lot of options, you can find the selection here. 

If you have any questions, we are always happy to help. You can contact us here.

Design a unique children's room

Manis-h offers 21 different colors to choose from for all our products. You always have the opportunity to create your own unique design with Manis-h. Colors invite joy and creativity.

There are many options at Manis-h. You can choose to buy the bed in a single color, or you can mix and match the colors of the bed as you like. A simple way to design the bed differently is by choosing a bed rail and bed drawers in a different color than the bed frame.

Colorful texttile

Another way to give the bed some color is by adding our textile series consisting of play curtains, bed pockets and pillows. The play curtain invites to play. For example, you can choose our curtain with a doll on which you can dress. Or our "Numbers" series that can be used to calculate different arithmetic.

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