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Kids Room Inspiration


Inspiration and tips for the children's room

Find inspiration and tips for fun and practical solutions in the children's room.

Children are constantly evolving, change their minds and change their needs all the time. A modern children's room must therefore be adapted to the individual child, which our unique products allow.

Whether it's a simple cot, a half-bed, high bed or bunk bed - it's up to you. With our unique modular construction system, it is always possible to rebuild or expand the bed so that the child's current needs are met. Limited only by imagination.

The playful and learning child is in constant motion - it takes space! That's why we offer many smart storage solutions in the form of shelves and dressers, which of course can all be combined
with our beds.

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The playful child

Children have energy and we love them for that. So, what's better than a bed where sleep, play and learning can be combined? Because as we say, "Playing weary children!"

With a fun and practical half-height bed with roller coaster, the child has its own playroom in the room. It gives the child ownership of the room, and at the same time all the mess does not have to be in the living room.

With this solution, there is also ample storage space. Just look at our wide range of smart shelves and dressers that are customized to our modular beds. And if you want to make the bed even more personal, just look at our range of special bedsheets, curtains or bed covers for storage.

Pay attention to the space when booking a bed with a slide to the room. It fills all joints and edges. But remember - with our smart storage solutions and the possibility of a desk or sofa under the bed, it's the only furniture you need in the children's room.

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Put your own touch on the children's room

If you want to create a beautiful and unique children's room, our smart solutions are just for you.

A nice color creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. Therefore, we offer both children's beds, half-high beds, high beds and bunk beds in modern and personal colors. Just let you inspire by our beautiful pictures with smart and colorful solutions.

Don’t you want the whole bed to be colored? Just see our wide range of curtains, colored drawers, bed covers, bedspreads and pillows.