Nanna children's bed with high drawers

Nanna bed combination is made for you, who are in need of lot of storage room. The drawers are big, and are great for hiding away the clutter in the kids room. 

The difference between a 160 cm and 200 cm bed, is, that the 200 cm has an extra drawer to fill in the extra space under the bed. 
120*200cm bed has drawers in the same size as 90*200cm bed.

The bed can be chosen with beech legs and in 21 different colours.

When you click the "Design your bed here" button, you will enter our configurator, where you can customize your bed according to your preferences. Here, you can choose colors, size, and accessories. However, if you simply want the bed in the standard color and size, you don't need to make any further changes. Just click the "Add to Cart" button after entering the configurator.


Manis-h is a Danish company that manufactures children's furniture. Our mission is to produce durable furniture with a focus on quality, flexibility and functionality. All our furniture follows the European requirements and standards that ensure your child's safety.

Our beds are built in a unique modular system that allows you to grow with your bed. You can always build the bed up or down as you like, just by making a few purchases.

All the load-bearing parts of our beds are made of solid beech wood, which ensures a stable and safe bed, while the bed sides are made of high-quality, strong MDF, which has a beautiful surface. All this helps to ensure the long-term durability of all our products.
Our paint is water-based and therefore contains no harmful chemicals.

All our beds are tested and approved for 100 kg static pressure at a diameter of 30 cm. This means that children and adults can easily enjoy a cozy bedtime story together in our beds.

All our products follow the European requirements and standards.

Junior 90x160 cm:
• Mattress dimensions: 90x160 cm

• Outside dimensions: 70x170x99 cm (H * L * B)

• Material: MDF and beech.

Standard 90x200 cm:
• Mattress dimensions: 90x200 cm

• Outside dimensions: 70x210x99 cm (H * L * B)

• Material: MDF and beech.