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Here you can see and buy Manis-h products that contain everything in children's furniture. At Manis-h we think sustainably. Therefore you almost always have the opportunity to rebuild our beds for the different needs that comes through a child's upbringing. We know from our own children how their needs are changing throughout their upbringing. With Manis-h they've always room to grow.
Our beds are made in a unique modular system, so you only have to make a few purchases to rebuild the bed according to your child's needs.

Manis-h furniture is designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark. Our furnitures comes in a timeless design and are produced in a solid wood material that gives many years of durability. This ensures that you can use our beds for children and adults alike and they can last for more than one childhood.

Manis-h manufactures furniture according to the strict European requirements and are safety approved at the Danish Technological Institute, which guarantees your child's safety.

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