Rebuilding kits

Rebuilding kits


At Manis-h, we want to help create a sustainable environment in the children's room. Therefore, with our beds, you can always convert the beds to your child's changing needs. We know very well that children have eternal growing pains and have changing needs. We accommodate that at Manis-h.

If you have a regular low bed, you can build it into a semi-high, high bed or bunk bed. It is really only you who limits the choice. Likewise, you can build back if that's what you want.

Manis-h wants to reduce wasteful purchases. Our approach to this is that we always meet the child's changing needs. That is why our beds are made to last a lifetime, through more than one childhood and for both children and adults.

If you are in doubt as to whether you have found the right kit for your bed, you are always welcome to contact us so that you can order the right one that suits you. Please note that Manis-h furniture does not fit our Huxie series. for Huxie, the Huxie conversion kit must be ordered.

If you ned af safety rail we have them in many colors and designs.

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