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Couch to Bed with Slide

In this kit there are all you will need to rebuild a couch to a mid-height bed with slide. All you have to do is choose the size of the bed and color. The kit contains our standard blank safety rail. If you prefer one of our designer rails, please select one below. 


Anta grey

Denim blue

Azur mint

Anta grey


Light rose

Dusty rose

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Couch to Bed with Slide
Couch to Bed with Slide

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    With furnitures for Manis-h you will always have the opportunity to rebuild the furnitures after your desire. We believe that through rebuilding you create a more sustainable room for the kids, where you aren't forced to buy new furnitures whenever they grow out of the ones, you first bought. 

    Manis-h offers numerous of options for the furnitures to be used in different ways. In that way you get the chance to get the most out of your kids furnitures.